The ancient city of Nablus has been famous for its hand-made soaps since the tenth century.Made from virgin olive oil, the Soaps of Nablus are the renowed for their medicinal benefits and beautifying effects..

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nablus Soap; the soap of choice for Queen Elizabeth

Nablus soaps have been exported across the Arab world and Europe since the 10th century. 

Long reputed to be a fine product made from olive oil, water and a sodium compound they are almost scentless which is a characteristic that is regarded as a sign of its purity. 

The number of factories have declined from a peak of thirty in the 19th century to only 2 today.

 It was reportedly the soap of choice for Queen Elizabeth I and she only allowed Nablus soaps to be used in the palace. It has been used by royalties for centuries - wikipedia

Sabun Nablus telah dieksport menyeberangi dunia Arab dan Eropah sejak kurun ke 10.

Ianya menjadi pilihan Ratu Elizabeth I dan baginda hanya membenarkan sabun Nablus sahaja digunakan di dalam istana.Ianya telah digunakan oleh kerabat diraja semenjak berkurun lamanya..

Bagaimanapun,banyak kilangnya telah musnah teruk pada abad ke 19 dan kini hanya tinggal 2 sahaja pada hari ini akibat  serangan tentera Israel.-Wikipedia

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